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Yasser Elnaggar
CEO, EN Investment

Ambassador Yasser Elnaggar is a career diplomat with more than 25 years of experience in foreign policy, national security, business, trade and investment, who has served around the world for his government.

Currently, Ambassador Elnaggar is CEO of EN Investment, a full-fledged multiline management advisory and investment house that brings together personalized services to its clientele.  EN Investment is founded by a group of partners with more than 25 years of professional experience in Egypt, Middle East, Europe and North America with a vision of collaborating with their clients to provide agile and practical solutions.

As of May 1st, 2020, Ambassador Elnaggar assumed the position of the Chairman of the Suez Cement Group, a leader in the cement industry in Egypt and a subsidiary of HeidelbergCement of Germany, the second largest producer of cement in the world.

Previously, the Ambassador served as CEO of the Chemical Industries Holding Company (CIHC). Prior to that he served as Principal Deputy Minister of Planning, Monitoring and Administrative Reform. He was an essential member of the senior management team overseeing the implementation of Egypt’s 2030 Vision, an outcome of the successful Egypt Economic Development Conference (EEDC) in 2015. Ambassador Elnaggar was the Chief Coordinator for this historic conference, which raised over $12 billion in financial governmental commitments, as well as more than $60 billion in contracts.

At the Ministry of Planning, Elnaggar contributed to the management and distribution of public investments, as well as engaging the private sector, civil society and development partners in the implementation of the State’s programs and projects. As Principal Deputy Minister, Elnaggar spearheaded consultations with key government institutions and other important stakeholders to plan and achieve short-term successes while devising transformational longer-term programs to help support Egypt’s economic development.

As the Principal Deputy Minister of Investment until April 2015, Elnaggar oversaw the investment promotion strategy of the ministry, as well as the development of new mechanisms to improve the business climate in Egypt.

Elnaggar developed and oversaw the Egypt Economic Development Conference (EEDC) in March 2015, attended by heads of States and representatives from more than 40 countries as well as Fortune 500 CEOs from around the globe, and CEOs from the major companies from the Arab Gulf countries. This conference marked Egypt’s “return to the global scene” and launched a series of efforts to promote Egypt as an investment destination.

In this role, he closely worked with the World Bank and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, chairing partnerships such as the Steering Committee for the Equal Access and Simplified Environment for Investment (EASE) Project, and the Steering Committee for Enhancing the Investment Policy, Legal and Institutional Framework Project. To further support efforts to build confidence in the Egyptian economy, Elnaggar was appointed the Overall Coordinator of the Anti-Corruption Commission as well as the National Focal Point (NFP) for the Middle East and North Africa Transition Fund Project on Enhancing the Investment Climate in Egypt. He also served as a member of the Egyptian Delegation in the negotiations regarding the settlement of international arbitration cases.

From 2010 to 2014, Elnaggar served as the Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Washington, DC. In this position, Elnaggar played a leading role for the Egyptian government during the unfolding events of the January 2011 and June 2013 revolutions. He supervised the historic parliamentary election for Egyptian Expats in the United States, as well as subsequent Presidential elections and referendum on the new constitution.

Elnaggar was a voice for his country during this time of transition in Egypt, where he met with the Congress, briefed the media and led out-reach to the American public as well as local and federal officials.

In addition, he was a key liaison between the most senior levels of the Egyptian government and the U.S. business community, Congress and Administration. Elnaggar participated in and coordinated visits of Egyptian officials including the visit by the President, the Prime Minister and numerous visits of cabinet members as well as visits of U.S. officials and the business community to Egypt.

Elnaggar has significant experience serving in or working with multilateral institutions. He was Senior Policy Adviser to the Presidents of the 61st and 64th sessions at the General Assembly of the United Nations, Director of the Department of United Nations Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Egypt, Counselor at the Permanent Mission of Egypt to the United Nations as well as Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt and to the Secretary General of the League of Arab States. He continues to advise a number of these influential leaders.

Ambassador Elnaggar serves on to the board of the Chemical Industries Holding Company (CIHC), a public sector company with majority stakes in the tobacco, fertilizers, paper, salt, and automotive tires sectors. In addition, he is a member of The Chicago Council on Global Relations, The Center for Middle Eastern Studies at The University of Chicago, The Egyptian Association for Economists, The Center for Political Research and Studies at Cairo University and The Center for Economic Research and Studies at Cairo University.

He is a much sought after speaker on issues ranging from Middle East policy, U.S.-Mid East policy, trade and investment opportunities in the region, and Egyptian politics. His appearances include The University of Chicago, Syracuse University, The United States Institute of Peace, The Osgood Center for International Studies, the Middle East Institute and The United States Naval Academy, the United Nations, the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), as well as throughout Egypt and the MENA region.

Ambassador Elnaggar received his M.A. in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago, a Post Graduate Diploma in International Relations & Development from the Netherlands, and his B.A in Economics from Cairo University.

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