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Alaa Fahmy

Former Minister of Transportation

 Alaa Fahmy is a senior management expert, and a senior certified engineering consultant with technical background in electronics and Information and Communications Technology (ICT). He acted as Chairman, Board Member, and C-level officer for a number of private enterprises, publicly owned companies, public authorities and NGOs.


Fahmy has 35 years of experience and an established record of accomplishment in both the national and international arenas. In the telecommunication industry, Fahmy co-founded Nile On Line (NOL), which was Egypt’s first full-fledged digital infrastructure company countrywide, and Etisalat, Egypt’s third mobile operator. In market development, he helped build up Egypt’s telecom regulatory capacities in his position as the first Executive President of the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA). On the international front, Fahmy led the development of International Telecom Regulations within International Telecommunication Union (ITU).


Recently, Fahmy has been working with several firms, both public and private; to incorporate and integrate several aspects of digital technology as well as digital transformation management into the business development plans of various industries. The list includes Egyptian Media Production City (EMPC), Mowasalat Misr for modern transportation, Information Technology of Egypt Corporation (ITE Corp), Taqa for electronics, Tahya Misr Fund, the University of October 6 University and the Egyptian Korean Friendship Association (EKFA). Lately, Fahmy won the election race in Maadi sporting club as chairman of the board (2017-2021).


In January 2010, Fahmy assumed responsibility as Egypt’s Minister of Transport. Fahmy deployed a combined four-tier strategic plan (Roads, Rails & Metro, Maritime, and Inland Waterways) which was empowered by an ICT transport cloud under the strategy of Integrated Infrastructures and Combined Services, and paved the way for multimodal transportation services and efficient logistics networks. Fahmy also implemented the first regulatory framework for integrated transportation. In parallel, he exerted recognizable efforts in reforming the transport sector with emphasis on safety and quality, while efficiently and effectively managing the two-digit billion budget set for the ministry, as well as a number of mega BOT projects.


Between 2006-2009, Fahmy served as Chairman and CEO of Egypt Post (EP) where he ,not only implemented a comprehensive transformation and restructuring plan, which included new management configurations, digital networks, and ERPs, but also unleashed new services for the public: postal, financial, social, and commercial. Under Fahmy reign, EP deployed its countrywide data network, and extended retail financial facilities to unbanked people, such as instant-fund-transfer service, which benefits millions of people and transfers billions of Egyptian Pounds annually. Fahmy also set up EP’s portfolio to manage the investment options for a budget exceeding two-digit billions of Egyptian pounds, which reflected in unmatched peaks of profitability on its financial statements.


In the strategic area of public-private partnership (PPP), Fahmy formed a joint venture between EP and Etisalat, Egypt’s third mobile operator and contributed (as Vice Chairman and Board Member of Etisalat Misr) in its success story of obtaining a market share of 25 million subscribers in few years. He also achieved a unique partnership with SAP international for ERP in an unprecedented alliance between the private multinational company and a governmental institution. In 2008, after renewing EP membership in Pan Africa Postal Union (PAPU), Fahmy was elected twice as Chairperson of the union’s Administration Council (2008, 2009).


Earlier in 2003, Fahmy was appointed as the first Executive President of the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA). He brought the new telecom law into action and institutionalized a robust regulatory framework. His efforts promoted the stability of the telecom market in Egypt and established a solid basis for a mature business environment that generated unprecedented revenues for the NTRA, not to mention providing affordable services of good quality. In his capacity as Executive President of NTRA, he was elected as the Chairman of the WG-ITR (2003-2005) by the plenipotentiary conference of International Telecommunication Union (ITU).


In early 2000, he was recruited as GM and CTO of Nile on Line (NOL), an Egyptian telecom company, where he built the company’s capacity and deployed the first digital infrastructure that provided full country coverage of Internet and data communication services.


For 10 years in the 1990s, Fahmy made substantial contribution to building the ICT capacity of Cabinet’s Information & Decision Support Centre (IDSC) and managed several national projects. In late 1999, Eng. Fahmy delivered the first academic E-learning program that was incubated by Regional Information Technology Software Engineering Center (RITSEC).


In 1975, Fahmy started his service at the Ministry of Defense. In the role of ICT Senior Officer, he was assigned to several leadership positions and before his retirement as Brigadier General, his last assignment was the commander of Army Forces Main Information Center (AFMIC).


On the international front, Eng. Fahmy acquired extensive experience through dealing with international organizations (UPU, EU, PAPU, Arab League, Euro med, WB, etc.).


In the community service sphere, Fahmy was elected as member (1986/94), vice chairman (2002/05), and chairman of the Maadi Club Board (2006/11).


Fahmy received his B.Sc. in electrical engineering from the Military Technical College (MTC), Egypt, and his post-graduate degrees and further professional qualifications from a variety of venues (Ain Shams University, Cairo University, USA- Air force, among others).


Fahmy, born in 1954, is married and has a daughter and a son.

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